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Sen. Baldwin Letter to PMG About Directive Banning Postal Police From Patrol Duties (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Battleground States Face the Worst Postal Delays, Data Shows - Comments (Count)
Postal Service slowdowns leave rural Alaskan town vulnerable - Comments (Count)
Miami Herald: A backlog of mail is piling up at a Miami-Dade post office as election nears | Twitter: Video - Comments (Count)
USPS Continues to Deliver Record Number of Ballots - Comments (Count)
Election-related mail means tough times for the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
S. Korea holds event to demonstrate unmanned postal and mail delivery service - Comments (Count)
Providence neighbors deliver a send-off to postal carrier of 33+ years - Comments (Count)
Black USPS carrier 'mistakenly' stopped by San Rafael police - Comments (Count)
Save the Post Office: Stop Girdling the Post Office - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: U.S. Postal Inspection Service Confidential Funds Program - Comments (Count)
Retired postal worker still delivering with charity golf tournament - Comments (Count)
Mailman unscathed after tree crushes mail truck - Comments (Count)
Chairs Maloney and Connolly Release Dismal Postal Data on Delivery Rates for First Class Mail - Comments (Count)
Millions of ballots have not been returned as window closes for Postal Service delivery - Comments (Count)
West Englewood Mother, Son Say They've Gotten No Mail in a Week, Fear They May Not Receive Ballots - Comments (Count)
Investigation underway on whether mail is being held up at Redmond postal center - Comments (Count)
Mailman carries piece of Powell postal history out the door with him - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: DeJoy Discusses Election, Other Topics  - Comments (Count)
Casey, Wild make surprise visit to Lehigh Valley postal facility  - Comments (Count)
'A Great Equalizer': USPS Provides Life-Changing Path Forward For Black Employees in Maryland  - Comments (Count)
USPS Is Again Notifying Employees That DeJoy's Reforms Are Null and Void  - Comments (Count)
San Antonio: USPS investigating a string of vandalism and mail theft  - Comments (Count)
NY: Postal Service to host drive through hiring event to address severe staffing shortage  - Comments (Count)
Court sets plan to make sure Postal Service delivers ballots quickly, one week ahead of election  - Comments (Count)
USPS Says Timely Vote Delivery Isn't a Constitutional Right  - Comments (Count)
As Many Cast Votes by Mail, USPS is Slowing Down  - Comments (Count)
Letter carriers push on amid pandemic struggles  - Comments (Count)
Missouri man's packages at a standstill, collecting dust at USPS facility due to postal service delays  - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: 7-and-11-ton lift gates review  - Comments (Count)
USPS, police investigate charred mail found in Boston mailbox - Comments (Count)
USPS put to the test by Fox News ahead of 2020 election - Comments (Count)
DeJoy's 57 Varieties of Cost Cutting: What's in the OIG report--and what's not? - Comments (Count)
How the shenanigans of rogue postal workers expose the weak link in mail-in voting - Comments (Count)
Want something delivered by Christmas? Order way in advance - Comments (Count)
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Despite Struggling With Widespread Mail Delays, USPS is Processing More Ballots on Time
10.26.2020 - GovExec reports: "For now, the efforts appear to be paying dividends: for the week Oct. 16, USPS processed 96% of in-bound ballots and 97% of outbound ballots on time. That is up from 87% and 94%, respectively, one month prior and marks a fairly consistent rise, according to data USPS made public in a recent court filing." - Comments (Count)
USPS Delivering More Mail On Time After Walking Back DeJoy's Reforms
10.15.2020 - GovExec reports: "On-time delivery of First-Class mail--which included regular letters and other non-"junk" pieces--still remains far below its 2020 high point of around 93% before the novel coronavirus pandemic took hold and the 92% on-time delivery rate USPS saw over the summer before DeJoy's changes went into effect. Still, some observers see the recent rollbacks of the postmaster general's initiatives as responsible for the Postal Service's recent improved performance." - Comments (Count)
USPS instructs employees to restore extra mail trips and some processing machines
9.25.2020 - GovExec reports: "The U.S. Postal Service has informed employees they should restart late and extra trips between facilities and reconnect some processing equipment as the agency attempts to come in compliance with a national injunction aimed at rolling back widespread mail delays ahead of the election." - The USPS claimed it can't restore some mail sorting machines because it 'dismantled' them - Comments (Count)
LA Times: Rigid Dispatch Schedules Brought Postal Chaos
9.21.2020 - LA Times reports: "Workers who spoke to The Times described troubling details about how the rigid schedules have played out: Some trucks have traveled empty, and mail left behind has accumulated at massive processing centers, creating backlogs in a system that is not designed to store mail." - The Guardian: Revealed: evidence shows huge mail slowdowns after Trump ally took over - Forbes: Infographic - Comments (Count)
USPS employee reports seven foot tall red-eyed creature at O'Hare Airport
Supervisors be like... you didn't curb your wheels @mailmanproblems
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